Meet the team

Joseph Dempsey

Project Team Developer and User Interface Developer.

Michael Monihan

Project Leader, Team Developer, and Web Design.

Malachi Poyneer

Lead Developer and Artificial Intelligence Developer.

Isaiah Tuttle

Marketing and Public Relations.

About us

PseudoHost is a technology based company created by several friends from college. We wanted to join together to create anything from mobile apps to artificial intelligence. Originally PseudoHost was started as a mock business for a SkillsUSA competiton. It then turned into a real business after winning gold medals at the SkillsUSA competition. Currently we are working to write applications for android phones as well as desktop software to accommodate it. In addition to apps we also are available to build computers or provide software solutions for individual's or for businesses.

Joe is one of the team's developers, focusing on user interface and usability for mobile applications. He also does much of the businesses paperwork and documentation. He went to Lakeland community college where he pursued an associates of science degree and focused on computer science. In his free time Joe enjoys playing video games and biking.

Mike is the team's Project leader in addition to assisting in project development and design of the website. He has experience working with Android, C#, Java, HTML, JavaScript, and z/OS. He leads project development at PseudoHost. He is studying Mobile Application Development at Lakeland Community College. Also he has worked with and Interned at Progressive Insurance. In his free time Mike plays videogames and works with computer hardware and software.

Malachi is the team's lead developer, with experience in Android, C#, Java, Visual Basic, he leads mobile and PC development for PseudoHost. Malachi also has experience developing AIs for prediction tasks. In his spare time he enjoys playing video games.

Isaiah is the Public and marketing partner. He is currently studying business administration at Lakeland Community with a minor in computer hardware development. His hobbies include tinkering with computers and electronics whether it be taking them apart or putting them together. He also likes to do gaming in his free time whenever he is not working or doing schoolwork.