Simple Security

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Simple Security is an Android App which communicates with our program on your computer, allowing you to control your computer's power state from your mobile device. With Simple Security you have the ability to lock, sleep, shutdown, and restart your computer from your Android device. If you have ever walked away from your computer and forgot to lock it this is the application for you!

Windows SmartScreen will warn you before allowing you to run Simple Security, this is only because Microsoft has not yet added our executable to the list of known programs.
When this occurs press 'More Info' and 'Run Anyway'. Click here to learn more!

We are aware that, rarely, some antivirus software will detect our program as a virus click here to see the virus report

  1. Instructions:
  2. 1. Download the Android app Simple Security by PseudoHost

    1. 2. Download and run the server on the computer you wish to control
  3. 3. Enter your desired username and password into both the server on your PC and the Simple Security app on your phone or tablet

  4. 4. On your PC, press the "Run" button to allow your PC to recieve commands while you're away. You can minimize Simple Security and it will stay in the Windows system tray. Closing Simple Security will prevent your PC from receiving commands.

    5. In the Simple Security app press the "Scan for PC" button. Your PC's name should appear in the list.

    6. Press one of the command buttons(Wake up, lock, sleep, shutdown, or restart) in the app, and your PC will perform the selected operation.

    With the free version of Simple Security these commands will only work when your Android device is on the same local network as your PC.

    To use Simple Security anywhere, get the pro version Simple Security Pro for only $0.99

    Note that unfortunately, the "Wake Up" command will only ever work when your mobile device is on the same local network as your PC, regardless of what version you have